Jeff MacIntyre

Strategist-at-large to the content business. Peripatetic writer.

(Somewhere between Times Square and the Hudson Highlands right now.)



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About me.

I define content offerings; design products that deliver them; and guide organizations supporting them.

From digital strategist to agency head to startup advisor, I'm a well-traveled and widely published content and data specialist with 12 years' experience in the field of digital product, content, and user experience. I've worked extensively for Big Content and startups alike.

As a UXer, I really dig the role of information sciences in designing content-rich experiences. As a consultant, I'm engrossed by new models in content distribution, and I've made a close study of business opportunities around the media and entertainment content supply chain.

Simply put, I'm interested in the future of content: how the craft and economics of the content business will evolve with emerging technologies. It's an exciting time.