Jeffrey MacIntyre

Established independent consultant in the business of content.
Peripatetic writer. Country squire. Dang-proud dad + husband.

(Probably somewhere between Times Square and the Hudson Highlands right now.)



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Bucket Studio is my New York-based consulting practice. It has evolved from Predicate, which I've run for over ten years.

Curriculum Vitae

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About me.

What do you do?

I define content offerings; design products and programs delivering them; and grow or guide organizations supporting them. It's a mix of strategy and execution, based on client need.

You're a consultant?

I'm an independent strategy consultant focused on the business of content. I came up through user experience design, product development and information sciences. A client said I build content "machines," which feels apt.

Who do you work with?

All sorts of folks. My clientele hail from the Fortune 50 to startups, foundations to independent rightsholders. See client highlights and my LinkedIn for numerous testimonials.

What keeps you busy lately?

I'm increasingly working at the intersection of video, content discovery and personalization. Recent projects have been split between strategy, design and management consulting: from establishing a big media brand's content strategy for screened entertainment; designing personalized content experiences and products; and to scaling large, end-to-end content operations. I'm also applying a decade's learning to develop Bucket, a new business I launched in 2017.


Simply put? In a modest and independent way, I'm helping shape the future of content: how the craft and economics of the content business will evolve with emerging technologies. It's an exciting time.

Connect with Bucket, my latest adventure.

Bucket Studio is a boutique consultancy dedicated to better personalization, connected experiences, and content operations for digital professionals. We deliver smooth systems from messy content and data.

Across services, product, and community offerings, Bucket delivers high-performing, well-orchestrated customer experiences that users love and businesses envy—in every setting, at any scale, or any budget.

Jeffrey's consultancy Predicate was founded in 2008; Bucket Studio is new to late 2016. Bucket’s approach is to help organizations grapple with personalization, marketing automation, and content operations.